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Homer Is Where the Art Isn't

Season 29 Episode
629 "Frink Gets Testy"
"Homer Is Where the Art Isn't"
"3 Scenes Plus a Tag from a Marriage" 631
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Homer Is Where the Art Isn't
Episode Information
Episode Number: 630
Production Code: XABF05[1]
Original Airdate: March 11, 2018[2]
Written By: Kevin Curran[3]

"Homer Is Where the Art Isn't" is an upcoming season 29 episode that will air on March 11, 2018[2].


A scene for the episode was going to have Sideshow Mel say that they want a female Doctor Who, with the crowd agreeing and chanting with him. The joke is likely going to be changed in the episode though,[4] as on July 16, 2017, Jodie Whittaker was announced to be the Thirteenth Doctor.[5][6]