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State Information
State capital: Tallahassee
Largest city: Jacksonville
First appearance: "Deep Space Homer"

Florida is a state in the USA. Its capital city is Tallahassee and it's largest city is Jacksonville.



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Homer and Barney trained to become astronauts at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida.[1]

The Simpsons visit Florida so that Homer can relax; however, they come during spring break.[2]

The Simpsons follow Principal Skinner when he travels to the Teacher of the Years awards in Orlando, in an attempt to win back Edna's love.[3]

The Simpson family come here after Marge and Homer come on a second honeymoon to Miami Beach. After Bart and Lisa find them, Marge and Homer run off again to Atlantic City.[4]

In "...Six Degrees of Homer Simpson ...sort of!" Homer connected Kid Rock and Joe C. to Scrappy-Doo. In doing so he mentioned his spring break experience where he interrupted a Kid Rock and Joe C. concert[5]



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