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Emperor Montimus

Emperor Montimus
Senator Montimus.png
Character Information
Male ♂
Hair: Grey
Occupation: Emperor
Former: Senator
Relatives: Adoptive father: Emperor Quimbus
First Appearance: "I, Carumbus"
Voiced by: Harry Shearer

Emperor Montimus was an emperor, and formerly a senator, of Rome.


When Obeseus the Wide wanted to become a senator, Montimus approached him and told Obeseus that he was next in line to become emperor, since he was adopted by Emperor Quimbus. Montimus then told Obeseus that if he wanted to become a senator, he had to kill the emperor so that Montimus would become the emperor. Obeseus went through with killing Quimbus and Montimus became the new emperor.

Years later, Majora asked Obeseus to kill Emperor Montimus. Obeseus didn't want to go through with it but Majora tried to poison Montimus anyway. Montimus had his wine taster try his wine, which killed him. In the wine taster's last moments, he knocked a pillar over onto Emperor Montimus, killing him. Majora then suggested that Bartigula become the next emperor.