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Connie Appleseed

Connie Appleseed
Connie Appleseed.png
Character Information
Female ♀
Hair: Yellow
Relatives: Father: Homer Bufflekill
Mother: Marge Bufflekill
Siblings: Two unnamed
First Appearance: "Simpsons Tall Tales"
Voiced by: Yeardley Smith

Connie Appleseed is a character in a story told by a singing railroad hobo.


The singing railroad hobo told a story about Connie Appleseed. Connie's father, Homer Bufflekill started killing buffalo to eat them, to Connie's disgust. When Connie warned them that they could cause the buffalo to go extinct, her family refused to listen and carried on. Connie then heard a voice, drawing her towards an apple tree. Connie tried to give her family apples to eat instead of buffalo but they refused, enjoying the taste and thrill of killing buffalo too much. The wagon train then left Connie behind.

Eventually, Connie changed her surname to "Appleseed", and went around planing apple seeds wherever she went. Eventually, the Bufflekills killed every buffalo in the area and realized that Connie was right all along. When the wagon train were starving, they started to resort to cannibalism and were going to eat Homer. Connie then showed up with apples for everyone to eat, saving Homer's life and making everyone happy.

Behind the LaughterEdit

Connie Appleseed is a female version of Johnny Appleseed.