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Conflict of Enemies

Conflict of Enemies
Conflict of Enemies.png
Game Information
Platforms: PC
Players: 10
First appearance: "E My Sports"

Conflict of Enemies is a MOBA video game.


The game is a MOBA where you battle as a team against another team, bringing down their turrets, killing their champions, and destroying their Nexus.

Bart, Milhouse, Sophie, Nelson and Martin play against other teams in tournaments to earn money.

Bart's character is General Splattin', Nelson's is SmellYaL8r and Milhouse's is Commander Allergy.

Conflict of Enemies World Championship.png

Behind the LaughterEdit

  • It's a parody of League of Legends and Dota 2.
  • One of the kids in their team looks like League of Legends player Faker.
  • Bart is also using Fnatic Gear as equipment to play.
  • Riot police is a reference to Riot Games, creators of League of Legends.
  • The announcer's voice is Riot Games' own David Turley.
  • The kids' character resembles League of Legends':
    • Bart is Olaf.
    • Martin is Sion.
    • Nelson is Trundle.
    • Sophie is Janna.
    • Milhouse is Fizz in his Fuzz skin.
  • Sophie's character resembles Dota 2's Banshee.
  • General Splattin' and SmellYaL8r's abilities are the same, something that doesn't happen in the actual games.