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Character Information
Male ♂
Hair: Grey
Relatives: Ex-wife: Unnamed
Mother: Unnamed (deceased)
First Appearance: "The Way of the Dog"
Voiced by: Michael York

Clayton, also known as Clay, is Elaine Wolff's former lover.


When Dr. Wolff was giving a lecture, Clayton called her to tell her that he had left his wife and could now get together with Elaine. Elaine told Clayton that she was in a lecture and she would call him back later.

Later, Clayton arrived at the Dognitive Behavioral Therapy Institute to ask Elaine to marry him, saying that he dug up his mother's corpse to get her ring to propose with. Elaine told Clayton that she couldn't marry him, with Clayton realizing it was because she was too caring towards her dogs. Clayton then left, saying that he was already over Elaine, as he dropped the engagement ring into a bag of rings taken from dead bodies.