Carl Yastrzemski

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Carl Yastrzemski
Carl Yastrzemski.png
Character Information
Male ♂
Hair: Brown
Occupation: Former baseball left fielder
First Appearance: "Three Men and a Comic Book"

Carl Yastrzemski is a former American Major League Baseball left fielder.


When Bart and Martin tried to buy Radioactive Man #1 at The Android's Dungeon & Baseball Card Shop Milhouse came in to buy the 1973 Carl Yastrzemski baseball card, with the big sideburns, for $30. Comic Book Guy walked away to collect the card for Milhouse and when he came back the three bought the comic together instead. Later when the three fight about the comic Milhouse said that he didn't want the comic, he wanted the baseball card of Carl Yastrzemski, with the big sideburns.[1]

When Milhouse was in love with Samantha, Bart traded his headless Omar Vizquel card with Milhouse's Carl Yastrzemski card.[2]