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Bart Simpson #21

Bart Simpson #20
Bart Simpson #21
Bart Simpson #22
Bart Simpson #21
Scourge of Homer
Bart Simpson 21 UK.jpg
Comic Information
Publication date: Autumn 2006
Release date: September 14, 2006
Publisher: Bongo Comics Group
Titan Magazines
Comic series: Bart Simpson
Country: United Kingdom
Price: £2.99
Pages: 68
Cover artist(s): Bill Morrison
Jason Ho
Serban Cristescu
Stories: Final Detention
Bart Burger
Bait and Cackle
Birth of a Salesman
Bart vs. the One-Man School
The Sick Day
Special Delivery
Grampa Bart
Flu Shot

Bart Simpson #21 is the twenty-first issue of Bart Simpson. It was released in the United Kingdom on September 14, 2006. It combines the American issues Bart Simpson #22 and Bart Simpson #23.



Final DetentionEdit

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Bart BurgerEdit

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Bait and CackleEdit

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Birth of a SalesmanEdit

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Bart vs. the One-Man SchoolEdit

The Sick DayEdit

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Special DeliveryEdit

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Grampa BartEdit

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Flu ShotEdit

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Other featuresEdit

  • Pull-out poster