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Character Information
Male ♂
Hair: Brown
Occupation: Slave
First Appearance: "I, Carumbus"
Voiced by: Dan Castellaneta

Barnabas was a slave and a former friend to Obeseus the Wide.


Gordus Antonius bought several slaves, including Barnabas, and made them gladiators. Barnabas and the other slaves made a pact that if one of them ever got free, he would try and free the other slaves. After Majora got pregnant, Gordus Antonius asked the slaves which one of them impregnated Majora. Barnabas was one of the slaves who stepped forward to cover for Obeseus. When Obeseus married Majora, Obeseus was given his former friends as slaves. When he was about to free them, Majora convinced him not to.

Over the course of Obeseus' life, Barnabas and the other slaves asked multiple times to be freed, as they made a pact. However, Obeseus refused to free them. Eventually, Obeseus was thrown in jail by the new emperor, Bartigula, Obeseus' son. Obeseus took his slaves with him as he could take some belongings. Reflecting upon his life, Obeseus decided to release his slaves. After Lisandra opened the cell, Obeseus' slaves left Obeseus to go confront Bartigula alone.