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Country Information
Continent: Antarctica
First appearance: "Rosebud"

Antarctica is a continent located at the south of the world. The South Pole is located here.



The ice that was on sale at the Kwik-E-Mart came from Antarctica. Mr. Burns' teddy bear was there for years before it was collected and sent to Springfield.[1]

Bart once phoned the country to find out if their toilets really flushed clockwise. When the man he was talking to tried to flush the toilet however, the water was frozen solid and wouldn't flush.[2]

When Bart says, upon hearing the family will go to Brazil, that he will have been on every continent, Lisa points out he has yet to visit Antarctica. Homer then says they will go there next year.[3]

People from Antarctica are seen watching the video of Homer dancing, "Big Ass Baryshnikov".[4]

The Simpsons were left on Antarctica when Bart played a prank onboard the Royalty Valhalla.[5]


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South Pole
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