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12 Angry Kids

12 Angry Kids
12 Angry Kids.png
Comic Story information
Released: August 2009
Comic series: Bart Simpson Comics
Pages: 12
Written by: James W. Bates

12 Angry Kids is a Bart Simpson Comics story that appears in Bart Simpson #49.


Principal Skinner's war medals have been stolen he immediately blames Nelson, who has a "Burglar Buddy" master key and lock-pick set on him, and expels him. However Nelson demands his right to a trail. So with the students as the jury and Ms Krabapel as judge a trial is held. The jurors then go to deliberate, with all but Lisa declaring "guilty" with no evidence. After a long deliberation, Lisa reveals that nearly all the students have a lock pick and convinces them that anyone could have done it and the evidence is not sufficient. Nelson gets off the hook, only to reveal to Lisa that he was guilty all along.


Comic issue Release date Country
Bart Simpson Annual 2011 August 2010 Flag of the United States.png
Bart Simpson: Big Shot! April 9, 2013 Flag of the United States.png

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