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The Simpsons: Tapped Out/Appearances

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[edit] Characters

[edit] Main Storyline Characters In TSTO

[edit] Premium Characters

[edit] Costumes

[edit] Taskless Characters

[edit] Other seen characters

[edit] Randomly occurring character/Special character

[edit] Limited Time Characters/Costumes

[edit] Halloween 2012

[edit] Zombies

[edit] St. Patrick's Day 2013

[edit] Whacking Day

[edit] Costumes

[edit] Snakes

[edit] Squidport

[edit] 4th July 2013

[edit] Krustyland Mascots

[edit] Halloween 2013

[edit] Costumes

[edit] Ghosts

[edit] Thanksgiving 2013

[edit] Christmas 2013

[edit] Valentine's Day 2014

[edit] St. Patrick's Day 2014

[edit] Easter

[edit] Stonecutters

[edit] 4th of july 2014

[edit] Clash of Clones content Update

[edit] Halloween 2014

[edit] Mentioned characters

[edit] Locations

[edit] Premium Buildings

[edit] Squidport

[edit] Krustyland Attractions

[edit] Limited Time Buildings

[edit] Halloween

[edit] Christmas

[edit] Christmas façades

[edit] Valentine's Day

[edit] St. Patrick's Day

[edit] Whacking Day

[edit] 4th of July

[edit] Easter 2014

[edit] Stonecutters

[edit] Clash of Clones Content Update

[edit] Limited Krustyland Attractions

[edit] Mentioned Locations

[edit] Decorations

[edit] Premium Decorations

[edit] Special Decorations

[edit] Limited Time Decorations

[edit] Halloween 2012/2013

[edit] Thanksgiving 2012/2013

[edit] Christmas 2012/2013

[edit] Valentine's Day 2013

[edit] St. Patrick's Day 2013

[edit] Whacking Day

[edit] Season 24 Yard Sale

[edit] Squidport

[edit] 4th of July 2013

[edit] Krustyland

[edit] St. Valentine's 2014

[edit] St. Patrick's Day 2014

[edit] Easter 2014

[edit] Stonecutters

[edit] 4th of July 2014

[edit] Vehicles

  • Note: All Vehicles listed down function exactly like Decorations.

[edit] Limited Time

[edit] Media

[edit] Miscellaneous

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