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Super Bowl

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Homer holding the Super Bowl trophy.

The Super Bowl is the championship game of the National Football League.


[edit] History

Before Mona left the family, Abe was watching the Super Bowl. Joe Willie Namath was playing, and it was his wild, untamed facial hair that revealed a new world of rebellion and changed Mona.[1]

When Bart was on the roof he pretended that he won the Super Bowl.[2] When Homer and Ned competed to snap the wishbone, he first dreamed of a newspaper with the headline "President Homer wins the Super Bowl" before he changed his mind.[3] When Lisa found out that Homer only wanted to spend time with her to successfully gamble, she left him with a final prediction for the Super Bowl - if Washington wins, she loves him, but if Buffalos win, she won't. The game ended with Washington winning.[4]

Homer told his kids that he knew they loved the old Poochie, but that the new one was going to be better than ten Super Bowls, after he discovered the show's bosses wanted to kill the character.[5] When the Simpson family was given a new identity Homer wanted to be John Elway and he started dreaming that he touchdowned in Super Bowl XXX, so the game ended Denver 7, San Francisco 56.[6]

Wally Kogen and Homer were at Moe's Tavern where they saw a promo for the Super Bowl on TV and yearned for tickets. Wally revealed he had a charter bus headed there and if Homer could fill it up, he would get to go to the big game. Homer filled up his list and he, Wally, Bart and a group of Springfield's males were off to the game.

Once at the game, and after enjoying the pre-game fun, the gang went to the entrance of the stadium only to find that their tickets were phoney (and were printed on some type of cracker). Bart then spotted the Super Bowl Halftime costumes and they seized the opportunity to use them to knock the guards down and run inside. They were soon caught and put in the stadium jail. The crew started to kick Homer in the rear when Dolly Parton wandered by. Having been a friend of Wally's, she offered to help them out by busting the lock with her own brand of makeup remover. Now free, the boys set out to find seats. After running around screaming for an hour, they wandered upon a skybox and decided to eat the food rather than watch the game. Soon after, Rupert Murdoch flew in via helicoper and forced them out of his skybox. They saw an entrance to the field and headed for it, but were pushed backwards by the winning team into their locker room and got to celebrate with them. After a day of excitement, the boys got on their bus and headed home, with Homer having stolen the Super Bowl trophy. The game was watched at home in Springfield by Marge and Lisa.[7]

The national football committee loved Homer's advice for football players, as it had raised ratings. They asked him to choreograph the Super Bowl Halftime show. Homer struggled with ideas and ran into Ned at church. Homer then got an idea for the halftime show, which ended up being about Noah. This was hated by the crowd who thought they were trying to de-secularize the country.[8]

When Homer asked Lisa if the Super Bowl Bunny existed, she said yes to make him happy.[9] After Apu sold the flowers Lenny brought into his store, he offered him a standee from last year's Super Bowl to put on his grandmother's grave, which Lenny accepted.[10] When Bart and Homer were searching for evidence on the Internet that could release Krusty from the International Court of Justice, they found a clip on MyTube where Krusty was showing his nipple at the Super Bowl.[11] In a dream Bart had when he was wishing he had a brother, Eli Manning said, "Winning a Super Bowl just doesn't compare to chucking the ball around with my brother."[12]

When Homer saved Mr. Burns, Burns said to Homer that he can have anything he wanted. Homer wanted all Burns' money and stuff, but when he didn't gave it to Homer, he asked him if he could have Super Bowl tickets instead.[13]

[edit] Non-canon

Donut Homer.png The contents of this article or section are considered to be non-canon and therefore may not have actually happened or existed.
Bart once dreamed that he and Krusty won the Super Bowl.[14]

When Hank Scorpio asked Homer how the Denver Broncos were, he said they won the Super Bowl, which was not true, as Homer actually lost the team when he used them to pay his debt at Moe's Tavern.[15]

When Lisa asked Homer what he was watching on TV, he told her that it was the football event of the season. Lisa was surprised as she thought the Super Bowl was in January. Bart explained to her that it was the All-Pro Fan's Pick Sportwriters's Most-Envied Players Bowl.[16]

[edit] The Simpsons: Tapped Out

A Super Bowl-inspired content update released on January 29, 2014 added a limited-time small questline revolved around Homer getting ready for Super Bowl Sunday and Lisa investigating the Super Bowl's financials. The player received a free decoration on Super Bowl Sunday itself.

[edit] Behind the Laughter

The commercial "Hard Times" advertising Coca-Cola and featured the characters of The Simpsons aired during Super Bowl XLIV. The Simpsons has lead out of the Super Bowl once, in 2005 with "Homer and Ned's Hail Mary Pass" after Super Bowl XXXIX.

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